Support Me and My Projects

All of the work that I do comes out-of-pocket except for a single one that was partially school funded.

If you wish to give monetary support please message me and donate over paypal or patreon. However, if thats not your style you can always run the in-browser Monero miner for me. Running this javascript based miner will use part of you CPU to mine cryptocurrency from my website. Bare in mind that donating a dollar will go a much farther ways than running this miner for a month. link to separate page miner

Investors / Teams

I'm never actively looking for investors but I've been told that what I do is pretty interesting and that I should look into finding people to invest in my projects. I feel as though I'd prefer to come across the right people rather than reach out to random investors.

If someone would like to partner up and take on a challenge or a project I'd be more than happy to do so.